How to Install a new custom theme in Blogge

Install a new custom theme in Blogge

Introducing a blogger layout on your blogger blog is simple. This post we will install a theme on a Blogger that we have just made. For install Blogger theme XML file is required.

Steps to install Blogger theme

We have two methods of install Blogger theme. 

  1. Uploading .xml file. 
  2. Copy and Paste coding. Completely replaced all coding.
We are cover method 1 uploading .xml file in this post.

Step 1

Go to any free or premium layout or topic supplier for blogger, their are many Websites are accessible. 

Download the layout bundle from the particular site and unfasten it. I have put the images for reference How the Blogger Layout package will look like. In blow image you found that I have downloaded the package. Extract the zip file.

Install Blogger custom theme step 1

Step 2

Now search the .xml file inside the extract folder. In my case, I have .xml file inside the revo folder. you can see in the image below.

Install Blogger custom theme step 2

Step 3

Login to your Blogger account and go to dashboard of the Blogger. Select Blog which you want to change the theme. On dashboard click on theme option. As show into blow image.

Step 4

After click on the Theme option, we find the customize button, as show in blow image. Click on arrow button on that. 

After click on the arrow button we find the popup menu with blow options.

Before the upload new .xml file, for safer side take backup of the existing theme. 

For Backup of existing theme click on the backup option. That will prompt download options of existing theme. After taken the backup of existing theme time to upload new theme.

For upload new theme click on the Restore option. This option will prompt to upload the .xml file. Choose the .xml file which you have downloaded of theme package. As show in above image.

You will find success message once .xml file is successfully uploaded.

Congratulations!!! you have successfully uploaded new custom theme on Blogger.

Let me know of doubts and feedback in comments.

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