What is Angular.js?


Angular.js is an open source JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google.
Angular.js is an allows to separate presentation logic and application logic on web applications.
HTML is generally use for static documents, What happen when we try to use HTML for dynamic views? Is this possible in web-applications? AngularJS is make that possible dynamic HTML for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which meet your application development requirement. It is fully extensible and works well with other javascripts libraries as well. Every feature can be modified or replaced as per the development requirement and feature needs.

Data Binding

Data-binding is an key features of AngulerJS. it's automatically updating the view whenever the model changes, and updating model whenever the view changes.

Server Communication

We can use different backends using third party library using AngularJS.


Directives is a unique and powerful feature available only in Angular. Directives let you invent new HTML syntax, specific to your application.

Reusability of Components

We use directives to create reusable components. A component allows you to hide complex DOM structure, CSS, and behavior. This lets you focus either on what the application does or how the application looks separately.


The dependency injection in AngularJS allows you to declaratively describe how your application is wired. Dependency injection is also a core to AngularJS. This means that any component which does not fit your needs can easily be replaced.


  1. why we should prefer for this technology instead other web technologies?
    are there any robust features provided by Angular???

  2. Mainly five things are responsible to use Anguler.js
    (1) Two way Day binding
    (2) Templates
    (3) MVC
    (4) Dependency injection
    (5) Directive