Joomla - You are not permitted to use that link

I am going to change my joomla articles, when i changed article and tried to save that articles. I found Error Like You are not permitted to use that link.

This is how I have resolve issue of "You are not permitted to use that link"

I just refresh it and after that it never happend so I did not something.
Try to refresh site or log out and try again to edit that ariticle

Why this is happen

Generally that happens when I am editing articles in multiple tabs and end up closing a tab instead of hitting Close or Save & Close. Also seen this happen when my session expires mid-edit. After I log in it tries to send me back to the page I was on and I get this error.

Check your article list and make sure they don't have a lock icon next to them. At the very least it might help point someone in the right direction.

Nikunj K

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