Install Node.js in UNIX

Do something like this

 tar -zxf node-v0.6.18.tar.gz #Download this from  
 cd node-v0.6.18  
 ./configure && make && sudo make install  

If you want to like install form repository

 git clone  
 cd node  
 git checkout v0.6.18 #Try checking for what the stable version is  
 ./configure && make && sudo make install  

if you want to install node.js in specific folder you can use

 ./configure --prefix=/home/nikunj/nik_verve/source/node-v0.10.20 && make && sudo make install  

set environment variable path

 export PATH=$PATH:/home/nikunj/nik_verve/source/node-v0.10.20  

Nikunj K

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