How to use Banner Slider in Magento

I am showing you to use banner slider extension in magento. It’s really very simple.After installation, please go to CMS >> Manage Page, choose your cms homepage, and add following line of code to where you want to show banner slider.

 {{block type='bannerslider/bannerslider' template='bannerslider/bannerslider.phtml'}}  

After set this line of code, we have to upload slider images for slideshow.

Under tab Bannerslider, choose Manage items. Click on “Add Item”.

Now add your banner, title, web Url and its description. Click save.

Open homepage again, you should see the images now.
This way you can add slider to our home page.

Also, we have to modify some css as per our requirement for that we have to change skin/frontend/[your package]/[your themes]/banner/banner.css to make slideshow fit your page.

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