How to add Up-sells Products in Magento

To add up-sells Product in magento, you have to follow those steps

  1. Log in to the Magento admin
  2. Navigate to Catalog -> Manage Products
  3. Find the product to which you want to add Up-sells
  4. Select and edit this product
  5. Select the Up-sells tab
  6. From the products grid that appears, check any products you’d like to 
  7. mark as Up-sells (press “Reset Filter” to see all products)
    Once a product has been checked, the “Position” field opens up.  This determines the sort order of the Upsells in the main product’s page
    Press “Save”
  8. You’re done! Navigate to the front-end and check out your newly created Upsells block! (shown below) 

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